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Circus Games - Starcruiser Chronicles 2
When someone starts stealing technology from the defunct starcruiser bases,it is up to the newly rebuilt Starcruisers One and Five to find out who. But their adversary is harder to find than they first thought, bringing a new threat for the new ships....
Circus Rings - Starcruiser Chronicles 3
When one of the starcruiser crew is permanently altered by the Circus, an undercover mission is launched into the heart of their society, not only to retrieve their stolen starcruiser technology, but to restore the captain to himself. But the only way to remove the Circus makeup is to die....
Starcruiser Chronicles, Book 4: Infinite Night
What would make the Rubicans suddenly lift the surface of their planet to make massive floating cities in the sky? Something terrified them so much they seeded the surface with a gas so toxic and corrosive nothing could exist there. But now the gas has naturally dispersed and Starcruiser One finds its not to keep something out but to keep something in....