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The story begins in a contemporary setting (the 1980's) and follows Lee, an advertising executive with a dark past that has come back to haunt him. An old lover from his student days, Ella Innes, returns to his life and tells him they must solve the problems created by a lucid dreaming experiment they ran at university. A long flashback to the 1980s covers Lee's involvement with the dreaming group, along with Brad, an obnoxious medical student, and Ho...
Smoking Poppy
Pocket, Jan 2002, 23.00, 271 pp. ISBN: 0671039393 London electrician Dan Innes is stunned when his estranged wife informs him that the British embassy in Bangkok called about their adult daughter. Neither Innes has heard from Charlie in two years, but now they learn she has been arrested as a drug smuggler in Thailand and languishes in Chiang Mai jail, probably awaiting death. When Dan and Charlie last talked two years ago, they brawl...
The Facts of Life
Atria, Jun 2003, 24.00, 294 pp. ISBN: 0743463420 Everyone who lived through the War still feels its effects though Hitler and the Nazi machine have been dead for a few years. In Coventry, Mrs. Martha Vine is the hub of eight spoke-families consisting of seven daughters, several grandchildren, and a reticent spouse. Martha is a brilliant tactician running her field officers (her daughters) better than any Five Star general could lead. She also ...
The Limits of Enchantment
Fern Cullens comes of age in the 1960s. She has been raised by Mammy and everything she knows was taught to her by Mammy. Mammy is the town midwife, the herbal healer and the all around caretaker by those that will have her. But Mammy is dying and she is trying to prepare Fern for her death by telling her the recipes for baking cakes with love, for using different herbs for healing and the ways of the midwife. While Mammy is hospitalized, Fern tries ...

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The Tooth Fairy
What would happen if you woke up in the middle of the night just knowing that there was someone else in the room? And what if that someone else was not a someone at all, but the Tooth Fairy...crouching behind a chair in the corner, desperately clutching a baby canine? What would this mythic creature look like and what would it say to you? Maybe these questions are better left unanswered. Sam met the Tooth Fairy, and his life quickly became a bad dream. ...

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