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Malice Downstream
Fawcett, Dec 2002, 6.99, 244 pp. ISBN 04900709x At the present time Chief Superintendent Erskine Powell of the Metropolitan Police Force of New Scotland Yard is recovering at home from a leg injury while pursuing a murderer. Bored and lonely he decides to take his college roommate up on his offer to do some fishing in the picaresque Hampshire village of Houghton Bridge. While there, Erskine catches some excellent trout and gets acquainted with ...
Malice in the Highlands
Detective Chief Superintendent Erskine Powell of New Scoland Yard vacations in the highlands of Scotland on a salmon-fishing holiday. This soon becomes a murderous holiday when a body is discovered in the River Spey with a fisherman's fly protruding from the body's left eye! A good read, fast moving, good dialogue, interesting scenery, and a hero who isn't perfect. ...