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Bantam, Mar 2003, 23.95, 360 pp. ISBN: 0553801872 US Ranger Ned Rourke wanted to be the best he could be when he served in the Gulf War and took a bullet in Africa. With pressure from his wife to come home, Ned leaves the military he loves to accept a civilian sales representative job for Haplon Systems, a firm that sells military merchandise, mostly arms, to terrorists and mercenaries. Ned obtains a big sale at a trade show at about the sa...
Diplomatic Immunity
Bantam, May 2001, 23.95, 384 pp. ISBN: 0553801864 The General Assembly of the United Nations has a historic vote coming up filled with controversy. The member nations must decide whether Japan deserves a seat on the Security Council. Though most countries including the United States leans towards yes, strong opposition led by long time employer Toshio Hatanaka oppose Japan obtaining a seat. First Deputy in the Secretariat's Legal Aff...