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A scientific journalist is sent to cover a conference where the final theory of everything, (the grand unified field theory), is about to be uncovered. However, why are the scientists disappearing? And what is the connection to the new disease Distress that is killing across the world? An interesting book which seemed to fizzle at the end into a dissappointing conclusion....
Permutation City
Paul Durham experiments with computer copies of himself to unlock the secrets of the universe. Over a period of five years, Paul makes multiple copies of himself in a computer using a technology that is common among the wealthy. Conflict over rights of the copies flares up as Paul performs experiments on his copies. He meets Maria who is trying to copy her sick mother. Maria designs the calculations for an entire planet/universe for the copies to live...
Schild's Ladder
The Age of Death ended countless millennia ago. No longer burdened by limited life spans, the immortal humans who populate inhabited space now have the luxury to travel vast distances disembodied, as streams of data. For twenty thousand years, every observable phenomenon in the universe has been successfully explained by the Sarumpaet Rules: the laws governing the dynamics of the quantum graphs that underlie all the constituents of matter and the geo...