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County police make a horrifying discovery in a small West Texas town. The entire town has been covered by a dome made of spider silk. Inside the town, the residents have been captured by humongous spiders with an eerie, unsettlingly high level of intelligence. Those who have escaped must fight to stay alive until help can reach them. Outside the dome, first the state police, then the military attempts to stop the spiders. But, the spiders have a plan and...
Land of the Blind
In the middle of the 21st century, world war necessitated the melding of man and machine via an advanced microcomputer placed in the brain of Marshall Fox, later to be known as the Adventurer. Using his newfound abilities, he quickly turned the tide of war in favor of the United Nations. But, soon after the war's end, he became an even bigger threat. Surrounded by rumors that became legend, the Adventurer became so hated that the nations of the world con...
The One-Eyed Man
Marshall Foxx is alive and he is angry. 50 years earlier, society thanked him for his service to mankind by dropping nuclear bombs on him. Unfortunately for mankind, his powers -- courtesy of asteroid slivers that fused with an experimental computer in his brain -- allowed him to survive. For 50 years, he stayed out of sight, willing to let mankind continue on its path to destruction until his conscience forces him to come out of "retirement," albe...
They Call the Wind Muryah
Deep-space exploration ship HUMBOLDT arrives on the Earth-like planet Alpha 202-D to make final preparations for colonization. The ship lands near the spot where TOMAHAWK, the first space ship to visit the planet, crashed 10 years earlier with the loss of all hands. As the crew begins its work, they discover evidence that one of the TOMAHAWK's crewmembers may be alive. Soon after, the crew begins behaving differently. They shirk their responsibilities. T...

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