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A Sentimental Education
_Madame Bovary_ is more famous, but this book may be just as great -- even greater. Think of it as Flaubert's _Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man_, spiced with a dollop of _Cyrano_. Frederic Moreau prepares to study law in 1840 when, on a boat trip along the Seine, he glimpses the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. She is the wife of a philandering businessman, M. Arnoux. Through his studies, the coup of 1851, engagements and affairs with other wo...
Bouvard and Pecuchet
One afternoon, Bouvard, an office employee, meets Pecuchet, another office employee. They get along quite well when they learn they have the same aspirations of a life devoted to study and a nice living in the country, away from modern cities. Days later, Bouvard is notified that he's inherited money that allows him to quit his job forever. He drags his friend Pecuchet to study in agriculture, chemistry, history, literature, alchemy, and each time t...
L'education sentimentale
L'education sentimentale is about a young country boy coming of age in Paris. He misses all the opportunities that life offers him through negligence, sincerity and lack of vision: Love, wealth, position and political aspirations escape him. He moves through different social classes through his relations with four different women as well as his friends from university. ...
Madame Bovary
The novel, Madame Bovary, deals with the adulterous life led by Emma Bovary. Emma, the daughter of a country farmer, meets Charles when her father breaks his leg. Charles falls in love and the two decide to marry. Soon after they are married, Emma discovers that her marriage with Charles doesn't live up to her rather lofty expectations. Emma, unhappy with the monotonous village life she has been tied to, eventually grows so miserable that she becomes...

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