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Sailing to Sarantium - Sarantine Mosaic 1
Caius Crispus is a moscaisist who has lost his wife and children in the plauge,when his friend and co worker gets a invitation from the emperor to come to sarantium and decorate the great sanctuary there, Caius Crispus travels instead of Martinian who thinks his too old. But before he leaves, the young Queen of the antae gives him a message to bring the emperor, a message that could save her life and stop an invasion of his country....
The Fionavar Tapestry
The fionavar tapestry is a wonderful novel focusing on the adventures of 5 young people from earth who travel to the Land of Fionavar. Once there, they become very involved in the lives of the people of Fionavar and its situation. They each play an intrical part in the war between the Light and the Dark peoples of Fionavar, all being on the side of the Light against the evil god Rakouth Maugrim of the Dark. This was a wonderfully written story with an...
The Last Light of the Sun
Roc, March 2004, 24.95, 512 pp. ISBN 0451459652 The kingdoms fight each other and within each realm; feuds are the order of the day. The Erlings of Vimmark are feared for their vicious naval raids done due to a barren and cold land for much of the year. In Cyngael, the clans are constantly feuding and raiding while Anglcyn is a land that is growing stronger and larger thanks to the leadership of King Aeldred. When sibling Princes Dai and Alun ...
The Lions of Al-Rassan
Kingdoms that resemble current religious groups make war causing main characters (a doctor, a soldier and a politico-warrior) to overcome sadness, loss, and position to find hope, love and tolerance for other's views. ...

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In the Peninsula of the Palm, a land clasped between two tyrannic invaders, the sorcerers Brandin of Ygrath and Alberico of Barbadior, a small group of people struggle for the freedom of their land. And for that of its forgotten name, Tigana, which has been under a spell for over twenty years, since the day Prince Valentin of Tigana slew Brandin's son in battle. Devin is a 19-year-old singer in Menico's travelling troupe. After performing at Sandre, t...

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