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Deadly Remedy
Mira, Feb 2003, 6.50, 384 pp. ISBN: 1551666693 Dr. Rhea-Rhea Lynch works the emergency room of South Carolina's rural Dawkins County Hospital. Though most big city folks would expect the ER to remain quiet, Rhea knows that her hospital can get really hopping. For instance tonight, she saved the life of Venetia Gordon, a quadriplegic teen who lost the use of her limbs and her hope several months ago. Immediately after that a vehicle crashes in ...
Grave Concerns
Mira, Jan 2004, 6.50, 384 pp. ISBN: 0778320065 In Dawkins County, South Carolina, Dr. Rhea Lynch hears the volley of bullets and goes out to see if she can help. Though she almost ended up being hurt in a crossfire that is not what made her reconsider her Good Samaritan efforts. The county coroner Dr. Anita Yarborough was badly hurt in the fray and Rhea has been drafted to temporarily serve as a deputy completing the medical examination of the ...
Prescribed Danger
Mira, Apr 2002, 6.50, 377 pp. ISBN: 1551669161 Badly beaten, the interracial couple is taken to the emergency room of Dawkins County Hospital for treatment by Dr. Rhea Lynch. However, more than the vicious thrashing from the hate peddlers, Rhea sees strange signs of a pulmonary infection in first the woman and then her mate. Even more shocking to the ER doctor, who thought she had seen it all here in the graveyard shift of this hospital, th...
Shadow Valley
Mackenzie Morgan is suffering through a divorce with her cheating spouse. She decides to take her daughter, Bella out with her on a photo shoot in the mountains, when they come upon a hiking geologist who calls himself Dell Shirley. When Dell gets too close to Bella Mackenzie gets worried, and for good reason. Dell ends up kidnapping Bella, and beating Mackenzie almost to death. Mac is too strong the be left to die, and makes her way down the mountain...

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