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H. Beam Piper Message Board 1/1/2012
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Fuzzy Sapiens
Victor Grego is a big business executive who is a devoted hater of the fuzzys, the small humanoid inhabitants of Zarathusa. That is until one finds its way into his office and he can no longer deny that the fuzzys are in fact sapient beings. He learns from his fuzzy (whom he names Diamond) that thieves are using fuzzys to steal sunstones, the valuable gem found on zarathusa. This organisation run by lawyer Hugo Ingermann is designed to undermine the p...
Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen
Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen is H. Beam Piper's last novel, set in his Paratime milieu. A Pennsylvania state trooper is accidentally transported to a parallel, less-advanced Earth. In another universe, humanity has discovered a second dimension of time that allows them to travel to parallel universes. Being very resource poor, they take a little bit, not enough to be missed, from other universes. The Paratime Police is established to protect their secret....
Space Viking
A ruinous war or series of wars has devastated the Terran Federation. As a result, the technologically less advanced Sword Worlds are able to send their starships raiding and pillaging (hence the title of H. Beam Piper's 1963 novel). Baron Lucas Trask of the Sword World Gram is about to marry his beloved Elaine when demented suitor Andray Dunnan crashes the wedding and kills her and wounds Trask. He then steals his uncle's new starship. When Trask re...