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King Solomon's Mines (Literature)
Haggard's King Solomon's Mines is a tale of a journey into the deep part of Africa to find a brother, and look for a treasure along the way. The adventurers discover a missing prince, a witch woman, and diamonds....
King Solomon's Mines (Thriller/Action)
Quartermain was returning home from a bad hunting trip, and he did not want any more adventures. But then he met Sir Henery Curtis and Captain Good, and soon the three of them were on a angerous journey into the heart of Africa,in searching of King Solomon's Mines. They were discovered by the fierce Kukuana people and taken to see the terrible one-eyed King Twala. Soon they were fighting in a war to help the rightful king of the Kukuanas get bak his th...
In She, an explorer and his adopted son travel into Africa in search of a society detailed in a inherited box. They encounter a lost race of people and a beautiful white immortal goddess named 'She-who-must-be-obeyed.'...