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A Distinction of Blood
Fairfax is hired as tutor to Mr. Appleton's two young children. Arriving at the Appleton's London home, however, he finds that his services as a tutor have been put on hold. Mr. Appleton wants Fairfax to find out if his daughter and her husband are cheating on each other. In Georgian England where A DISTINCTION OF BLOOD takes place, this is not acceptable. Added to this, Mr. Appleton's daughter has married well a Lord and he does not want to lose...
The Complaint of the Dove
Signet, March 2003, 5.99, 272 pp. ISBN 0451208803 He once had a bright future ahead of him but when his father committed suicide, his estate and fortune was forfeited to the crown. Now Robert Fairfax, after a period of dissipation, has finally got his life together and is working as a tutor for Matthew Hemsley, a young man who comes from a powerful and rich family. To give the student some polish, he is taking him to London to introduce him to ...