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Cry Last Heard
Pocket, Sep 2004, 6.99, 350 pp. ISBN: 0743451724 It has been two years since Tally Nowata returned from Australia to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming with a baby, but without her beloved Paul who died in the desert at the hands of Earl J. Foy. Tally works as an expert search and tracker ranger. In a blinding storm, Tally and her partner Laney “Lanes” Greer goes to rescue a climber, but when they reach their objective no one is there. They continu...
Leave No Trace
Pocket, Jun 2002, 6.99, 388 pp. ISBN: 074341716 Tally Nowata works for the US National Park Service as a search and rescue ranger in the Grand Tetons. Currently on a four-month furlough, Tally and her lover Paul O'Malley vacation in the Australian outback. He leaves her at their campsite to pick up his daughter Josie at the Alice Springs airport with a maximum return time of four days. However, Paul fails to return and with her food and water ...
Point Last Seen
Pocket, Oct 2002, 12.00, 168 pp. ISBN: 0743457552 is a fascinating autobiography not because it provides an insightful look at a female tracker rising above an abusive relationship, but because the nonfiction book lacks the polished skills of a professional co-author sanitizing any feelings out of the account. Instead this time the reader learns of an individual seeking to better herself and her children through a skill learned from her grandmo...