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A Cruel Season for Dying
Mysterious, Jun 2003, 24.95, 321 pp. ISBN: 0892967749 The victims share in common that they were gay, killed by the same perp using an unknown source, and swan feathers inserted into slits in their backs to apparently simulate angels. NYPD assigns Japanese-American Lieutenant James Sakura leads the investigation to stop the serial killer. Due to the MO, the media turns the case into a high-profile circus placing pressure on NYPD to solve it y...
A Mourning In Autumn
Mysterious, July 2004, 25.00, 325 pp. ISBN 0892967757 While emptying a dumpster, a body falls out; Lieutenant James Sakura investigates and concludes after reading an autopsy report that the same person who killed this young woman previously murdered another female a few weeks ago. The police find two more corpses in the garbage dump. The women were young and thin, and wrapped in a plastic garbage bag with their organs cut out and put in upsi...