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Gone For Good
Years ago, Will Klein's girlfriend is found raped and murdered. Will's brother, Ken, is the main suspect. Ken disappears and Will presumes he is dead. Ten years later, the brothers' mother is dying and in some of her last words to Will, she says that Ken is alive. Will and his girlfriend find a recent photo of Ken when they are going through his mother's belongings. Will is shocked, happy, angry, and confused. Will's girlfriend disappears a...
Just One Look
Dutton, May 2004, 25.95, 384 pp. ISBN 0525947914 Grace Lawson met her husband while in France and for her it was déjà vu, a feeling that he was her soulmate and logically he felt the same way to. They married and moved back to the states and are living in their own home with their beautiful children. They are very happy together until the day Grace goes to the photo store to pick up some pictures they developed. One of them doesn't belong with...
No Second Chance
Dr. Marc Seidman awakens to find himself in the hospital in an ICU. He is hooked up to an IV and his head swathed in bandages. Twelve days before, he'd had an enviable life as a successful surgeon, living in a peaceful suburban neighborhood with his beautiful wife and baby daughter. Now, he lies in the hospital bed, shot by an unseen assailant. His wife has been killed, and his six-month-old daughter is kidnapped. But just when his whole world seems to b...
Tell No One
Dr. David Beck is a pediatrician in New York. His wife tragically died eight years earlier, in a somewhat mysterious event. He has never remarried and has thrown his life into his practice. One day he gets a mysterious e-mail with cryptic clues that would only mean something to him and to his wife. Is a ghost talking to him? At first he dismisses it until he gets another e-mail with even more clues that only he and she could know. He tells his best...

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