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David Pascal is a young journalist who lives in the British countryside of Worchester with his mother. He becomes suspicious of a wildlife collector named Penward for grisly killings of a Siberian tiger which occurred in the peaceful and boring countryside. Pascal bravely seduces Penward's wife and learns the truth: Penward has used genetic engineering to turn chickens into dinosaurs. Soon, dinosaurs ranging from deinonychus to tarbosaurus are set loose ...
The Fungus
Jane Wilson is a famous scientist who seemed to have solved the World Hunger problem with genetically engineered fungi that contain virus-like enzymes. However, the fungus also has some deadly side-effects. The fungus would turn people into creatures that would only exist in nightmares. Some would be killed, while some of the ones who survive become insane. It destroys England, covering buildings, bridges, and so on with different species of fungi. The U...