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Bob the Dragon Slayer
Bob is a peasant lad in medieval times who goes to see a dragon that is terrorizing a nearby village. There he meets a young wizard named Stephen who joins with Bob to kill the dragon. Through a legal technicality, Bob is cheated out of the rewards promised for success in killing the dragon. Thereafter, Bob sets out to kill more dragons in order to buy a horse and armor so that he might become a knight. During the course of events that follow, Bob meets...
White Lightning Road
This is a story of romance set in rural northern Louisiana. It follows the lives of two best friends, Jennifer James and Sally Jeffers. Each was an urban teenager whose family moved to White Lightning Road, a country road running between Vienna in Lincoln Parish and Homer in Claiborne Parish, where they became friends. Upon graduation from high school, each escaped back to the big-city life they love. Now a family tragedy has brought Jennifer back t...