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A Perilous Eden
Amber Larkspur is on vacation in Miami with a few girlfriends when the group decides to board the Alexandria, a cruise ship heading for the caribbean. On board the ship is Senator Daldrin and a group of his friends. Amber has known the Senator for most of her life since her father, Ted Larkspur, is part of the President's cabinet and is an insider in Washington. Also on board the ship is the mysterious and handsome, Michael Adams, a man Amber has brie...
Angel of Mercy
Brad McKenna is a DEA agent on the run from a vicious drug gang with ties to South America. After his partner Jim is killed in a shootout, Brad is chased into the Florida Everglades where he is shot and left for dead. When nurse Wendy Hawk is driving her airboat through the Everglades the last thing she expects to see is an unconcious man lying in the swamp. Wendy manages to drag the man on board her boat and takes him to her cabin where she rids him ...
For All Of Her Life
Jordan and Kathryn Treveryan, members of Blue Heron (legendary rock band) had fame, fortune, 2 beautiful daughters and each other. But the night Keith, a fellow member of the group died in a fire, their marriage fell to pieces. Jordan had believed Kathy lied because he thought he had seen her with Keith prior to the fire. His distrust further propelled Kathy to flee to New York. 10 years had past; they (in their 40s) had remained civil but distant wit...
Lonesome Rider
Blade McKenna lived for revenge. Ever since soldiers had murdered his wife, their unborn child and his father, he had dedicated his life to hunting the men down, one by one. His path led him out west, where he ran into the beautiful widow Jessica Dylan, who was on her way to claim her late husband's ranch and only legacy. Jessica tried to hire Blade to work for her and protect her, but Blade's price was too high - he wanted Jessica. After a great deal of...

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