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No Escape
Harper Torch, Aug 2004, 7.50 ISBN: 0060542144 In Southern California, DA Prosecutor Tessa Jacobi informs police detectives Veronica Harris and Ed Flynn that LA Waves superstar Quarterback Sledge Aiken raped Midwesterner Kelly Martin. She also informs the two cops that Kelly had numerous credit cards owned by men and a questionable wad of cash. The girl insists she was to give it all to her cousin Jerry who she is living with since she came to H...
When the Storm Breaks (Romance)
Claire Lambert was on her way home from a dating agency on a rainy night in Washington, D.C. when she chance upon a murder. The murderer wanted to silence her but she managed to get away, but not without any consequences. She lose her memory along with her purse and ID. Now, the murderer knows who she is and where she lives. Detective Sean Richter was the lead detective and while protecting her, sparks flew, although both tried to conquer it. ...
When the Storm Breaks (Thriller/Action)
Harper Torch, Aug 2003, 7.50, 464 pp. ISBN: 0060542128 Afton Gallagher, assisted by her mom Peggy, persuades her friend Claire Lambert to try the computer dating service that they own. It is after midnight by the time they are through providing “Marie Claire” with a bio. Claire heads home to Georgetown taking a short cut to catch her bus. However, she sees a man with a knife killing a woman and the murderer notices her too. Claire flees in te...