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Eliot's Banana
Downtown, Sep 2003, 12.00, 306 pp. ISBN: 0743464877 Twenty-five year old Indiana expatriate Junie struggles with what she wants out of life. Though she has met her teen dream by living with drummer Leon in the hip Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, Junie wonders if that is all there is? Adding to her introspection is her encounter with science fiction author Eliot at a vet. He is twice her age and hundred times more dissatisfied in life than h...
Luscious Lemon
Downtown, Oct 2004, 13.00, 320 pp. ISBN: 0743464885 Ellie Manelli has gone around the world tasting exotic food everywhere, but now in her twenties she opens up an East Village restaurant she names after her nickname, Lemon, which is a success. Ellie relishes her work as a chef and enjoys rooftop sex with her boyfriend Eddie. Life is terrific and gets better when she becomes the centerfold of Manhattan dining. Her Brooklyn based Italian fami...