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By Honor Bound
Medallion Press, Nov 2003, 6.99, 469 pp. ISBN: 097436391X In 1760, when her mother, a low level servant, dies, Honneure is dispatched to live with the Monsart family at the Chateau D'Ambois owned by kindhearted Madame Dupin. The Monsarts (all servants) raise Honneure over the years as a beloved daughter. Honneure is contented except for the unwanted advances of the steward and her crush on her foster brother. When her foster-brother Philippe...
Ellie And The Elven King (Romance)
; illustrated by Cherif Fortin & Lynn Sanders Medallion, , 2003, 24.95, 87 pp. ISBN: 0974363901 While Elliana Munson mourns the loss of her beloved sister Rhiannon, she also knows her sibling has given her an opportunity to escape from her nasty spouse George at least some of the time. Elliana has inherited Rhiannon's large estate including a horse farm though she must spend a stipulated amount of time each year at the farm. George is irate that...
Ellie and the Elven King (Science Fiction)
Ellie is a young woman who lost her sister to an illness and is left her property in the will, including a horse-breeding farm. When her husband is enraged at the fact that she cannot break the trust and sell the property so he can gain the profit, she leaves for the farm to sort out her feelings. After she arrives, she is summoned to the presence of the elven king, who it turns out was married to her sister, and learns that her sister wanted her to m...
The Circle of a Promise
Leisure, May 2003, 5.99, 320 pp. ISBN: 0505525453 During the reign of King Henry III, triumphant knight Stephen of Bellingham and a baron's daughter Amarantha of Ullswater meet and fall in love. He vows forever, but a maniac kills her. He not only feels lonely; he just dreads life for having failed his beloved. In 2003, Steve Bellingham wakes up every morning in fear, having suffered through a nightmare that feel very real. Feeling the for...

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