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Husband Assignment
Wealthy Italian businessman Raoul Lanier flies to Gold Coast, Australia to support his brother Michel in salvaging his wife's movie promotion. There he meets the beautiful and independent marketing executive Stephanie Sommers. Raoul can have any woman he wants but he's tired of playing the seduction games with them. He wishes for an honest woman who will like him for himself and not his money or looks. Stephanie seems immune to his charm. She disapproves...
The Wedding Ultimatum
When wealthy socialite Danielle Alboa is facing near bankruptcy, she turns to wealthy businessman Rafe Valdez for help. She wants to ask Rafe to extend their loans until they can pay up. But Rafe shocks her with his proposal: that she marries him and give him a child in return all her debts will be paid and she can have all her belongings returned. Danielle is furious for Rafe has been calculating when he said that after rearing their child for 7 years, ...