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Bridget Jones's Diary
Bridget Jones's Diary tells the story of Bridget Jones – a thirty-something Singleton – and her often doomed quest for self-improvement and finding Mr. Right. Trapped between the freedom of being a Singleton, and the fear of being alone forever, Bridget suffers the torture of a workplace romance, the morning-after consequences of “turning self into wine-bag”, and the Smug Married question feared by all Singletons: “How's your love life?” ...
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
In the second book of Bridget Jones' diary, Bridget's life, as usual, is a shambles. Things with Mark Darcy aren't going too well, what with the interference of Rebecca (and the Asian boy in Mark's bed). Bridget's career isn't exactly taking off, either, after a disastrous interview with Colin Firth. And her flat is being slowly destroyed by the man she hired to fix her cabinets. Oh, and there's a minor detour through a Thai prison. Doesn't matter. ...
Cause Celeb
Disillusioned with her glitzy london life and uninvolved boyfriend, Rosie Richardson escapes to Africa to run a refugee camp. When famine strikes and government agencies drag their heels, Rosie returns to london to organize a star-studded and risky emergency appeal....

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