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Bizarre Justice
An aging Martin Lovett is forced to confront his criminal past. Having planned the brutal kidnapping, rape and murder of a young girl thirty years ago, his past now re-surfaces. Events now practically force the aging man to become a hit man for the mob. He finds that his life is more exciting and actually enjoys being a professional killer. After circumventing the law on many issues, justice is finally served in a bizarre manner by one of his several vic...
Concept of Justice
Confronting an intruder in his home in Florida, Martin Lovett ultimately discovers that the intruder was the father of a child who had been kidnapped and killed thirty years earlier in Oklahoma. Because of some sketchy evidence that Martin was possibly involved with that crime, the father was apparently seeking vengeance, or perhaps just answers. The details of this and other crimes Martin was involved in during his lifetime are told in flashback...
Dirt Floor
This is the poignant story of one boy growing up in the foothills of eastern Oklahoma, the first of eight children, loved and cared for by hard working, but uneducated parents. From the beginning of the Great Depression of 1929 to the end of World War Two in 1945, you will share the day-to-day hardships and occasional disaster, as well as the daily joy of just being themselves, as the author shares his worst and finest memories of childhood. ...