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The Deluge
In 1655, Sweden attacks the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth, aided by some nobles, such as the Radizivills, who use the invasion to bolster their own positions. At the same time, the commonwealth is threatened by Russia, the Turks, and potentially by Germany as well. To some, it appears that the commonwealth is finished, and as a result more and more nobles surrender to the Swedes and open their arms to the invaders. In this place and time, it is no...
With Fire and Sword
In 1640, war breaks out in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Led by the Bohdan Hmyelnitzki, rebels turn against their homeland and join with the invaders in order to undermine the crown. The rebellion creates the state of Ukraine, but also costs many lives and creates many slaves in Europe as Polish people are captured by the rebels and sold as slaves. Farmlands are destroyed and patriots feel that the entire country may fall to ruin. However, th...