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Daughter Mine
Dan Shaper is an aging hippy in the San Fran area. Good with languages, he works as a free-lance translater for lawyers and the courts. One day, 19-year-old Amanda shows up in his life and announces he is her father by a brief fling many years ago. He never knew; Dan had given the mother money for an abortion at her request. He grapples with his feelings and responsibilities as a brand new father, as well as Amanda's demands for money, her black boyfrien...
She Took My Arm As If She Loved Me
Dan Kasdan is a Bay Area private eye going to seed. He's stuck on his ex-wife Priscilla and trying to do right by their son Jeff. Priscilla still sees Dan, but is obviously growing elsewhere, and she urges him to accept some high-paid tasks with Karim, an unctuous operator in a number of shady activities. Dan's only real friend is a black cop named Alfonso. The book seems to have two irreconcilable halves: the first a truly lyrical reminiscence about Dan...