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Red Glove
Cassel comes to terms with his magical powers and solves the mystery behind his brother's death, eluding members of his dysfunctional family, the Feds and mobsters who are all trying to recruit him to their cause. Cassel Sharpe is a high-school student who is also a curse worker, part of a group of people that have various magical abilities to affect the people or the world around them just by touching things. In this case, Cassel is specifically a trans...
Kaye is a sixteen year-old girl who travels constantly with her mother's unsuccessful rock band. Her life is pretty normal until she meets Roiben, the enigmatic knight of the Unseelie Court. Her meeting with Roiben involves her in a struggle between the two faerie courts, and she finds out from her childhood friends, the solitary fey, that she is in fact a pixie that has been unwittingly disguised all her life. She is also told that every seven years ...
White Cat - The Curse Workers
Cassel, the only normal member of a curse worker family, attempts to discover what happened years ago when he remembers killing his friend. Cassel comes from a family of curse workers- people with strange abilities that let them control other's emotions, break their bones, and even kill them. All with just a touch. Of course, curse working is illegal, and Cassel's family has deep ties with the local crime syndicate. Cassel though, is relatively normal. H...