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Apache Destiny
Leisure, Oct 2001, 5.50, 58 pp. ISBN: 0843949309 The Apache raiders killed her husband Alan. Though the grief has somewhat faded, a tired Abigail Madison raises their two children and runs the Flying M Ranch near Arivaca, Arizona with just the help of her two kind servants. The whites murdered apache Chino Whitehorse's family. He follows the spirits in his dreams seeking to avenge the deaths of his beloved family. His visions send C...
The Ranger
Zebra, Oct 2002, 5.99 ISBN: 0821773674 In 1886 Austin, a desperate Delana Wyatt quietly asks for help from Texas Ranger Sergeant Blu Cahill. She explains that she needs a safe escort so that she can leave town before her stepfather Henry Lawton marries her off to geriatric Cyrus Townsend. Though he wonders if he wears a sandwich sign advertising “Easy Mark for the Helpless”, Blu decides he can use the feisty female when he goes undercover whil...