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Back to the Moon
From the author of "October Sky" (aka: "Rocket Boys"), this is the story of former NASA engineer, Jack Medaris, and how he "borrows" the space shuttle Columbia for the first trip to the moon in 30-years. Jack risks his life to sidetrack the shuttle crew and take Columbia on an unscheduled detour to the moon, despite the complications presented by payload specialist, Penny High Eagle. Hickam straps the reader in the cockpit of the space shuttle in bel...
Rocket Boys
Rocket Boys is the inspiring story of Homer Hickam, Jr., a typical American youth who, inspired by the birth of the NASA space program, found success from humble beginnings in the mountains of West Virginia. Hickam is the son of a coal mine superintendant. His fascination with space is fueled by the encouragement of a high school science teacher. Hickam rallies his friends to form a group that is the antithesis of the school jocks. They are the Roc...
The Keeper's Son
The story is set during World War II, on Killakeet Island, off the coast of North Carolina. The Island is the home of the Killakeet Light, which the Thurlow family has taken care of for generations. Jack Thurlow has always hoped one of his sons would take over for him when he died. But a tragic accident, swept his young son Jake away in a small boat in a storm. The other son Josh was blamed for the incident. Josh has never come to grips with the inc...