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Next Life Might Be Kinder
The writer Sam Lattimore, whose wife Elizabeth was murdered, continues to see his dead wife and tries to convince others, such as his skeptical therapist, that he is not imagining things. Sam Lattimore is struggling with grief over the recent death of his wife Elizabeth Church, who was murdered by the psychotic bellman Alfonse Padgett at the hotel where the couple was living. The story takes place in Halifax To make matters worse, a film crew, led by...
The Haunting of L
Peter Duvett, a young journalist in 1927, takes a job as a photographer's assistant in a remote Canadian town. He arrives the day of the photographer's wedding and the bride seduces him. The photographer, Vienna Linn takes photographs of accidents that a mysterious man, Radin Heur, arranges. Deception occurs on all sides as the lovers, and the husband all plot against each other....