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Empty Cities of the Full Moon
In the immediate future, a scientist develops what she believes is a cure for psychological problems such as schizophrenia. She uses a derivative of a prion. The technology with other advances leads to an epidemic that devastates the human population and destroys civilization except for a small group exiled on the Bahaman islands. Thirty years later, a mutation in the disease imbues a snot nosed 20 something with extraordinary powers who eventually def...
The Labyrinth Key
Del Rey, Apr 2004, 13.95 ISBN: 0345455977 The modern arms race goes way beyond the obvious weapons of mass destruction. The contest between countries involves economic skirmishes and technology wars. The current battle focuses on which nation's research computer scientists will create the quantum computer and code breaker. The prime contestants are China and The United States, but the Americans have the edge because the world's leading expert ...