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At the Mountains of Madness
Miskatonic University of Arkham, Massachussetts, sends a scientific expedition to explore the snowy wastes of Antarctica. Once there the team uses experimental drilling equipment to search for fossils from the days when Antarctica was a steaming, prehistoric jungle. In an icy cavern members of the expedition discover perfectly preserved specimens of a winged, column-like creature and bring them back to camp for study. Informed of the momentous find...
Dreams in the Witch-House
Gilman, a scholar who needs a break, decides to move into a boarding house previously owned by a witch. Soon he starts having horrific dreams in which the witch Keziah and her wretched mutilated familiar sacrifice children. Soon he is killed and then, a few years later, the roof is blown off the house, revealing various scrolls on necromancy and forbidden rituals and the knife and bowl used in the rituals. ...