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A Detective at Death's Door
Dunne, May 2005, 23.95 ISBN: 0312342063 Detective Superintendent Harriet Martens was sunbathing sipping a drink while her husband John Piddock was relaxing nearby when she suddenly turned icy cold and her tongue tingled before she collapsed. John, an avid Christie fan, recognized the symptoms as aconite poisoning, having just read that scenario in an Agatha tale. He reacts quickly and when Harriet next awakens she is in a hospital room, the fir...
A Detective in Love
H.R. F. Keating St. Martin's, Dec, 2002 23.95, 251 pp. ISBN 0312291434 Barbara “Bubbles” Xingara is the media darling of the tennis world and is expected to win at Wimbledon, but she never gets the chance because somebody murders her on her own estate. Detective Superintendent Harriet Martens is known in the media as The Hard Detective because of her tough stance on criminals and because she never gives up until she catches the perpetrator she is...
A Detective Under Fire
Dunne, Feb 2004, 24.95, 249 pp. ISBN 0312316577 She started her career in London's Metropolitan Police Force but quickly realized women, in subtle ways, were discriminated against with no chance of advancement. She took a job on the Birchester Police Force and rose up the ranks to become Detective Superintendent. The media find her fascinating, dubbing her the “Hard Detective” because of her strong stance on getting the criminals off the street...
Breaking and Entering
St. Martin's, Nov 2001, 23.95, 272 pp. ISBN: 0312269528 Most of the inspectors of the Mumbai (Bombay) Crime Branch are working on the shocking murder of business mogul Anil Adjami killed in his impregnable home on Mahdi Island. However, Deputy Commissioner Kabir assigns Inspector Ganesh Ghote a different case. Ghote works alone on uncovering the identity of “Yeshwant”, a cat burglar nicknamed for a seventeenth century hero. Ganesh's ...

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The Dreaming Detective
Dunne, Dec 2004, 23.95, 256 pp. ISBN: 0312322143 The Chief Constable of Greater Birchester, a man named Newcomen, assigns Detective Superintendent Harriet “The ‘Hard Detective” Martens a cold case homicide. Taken slightly aback by the hostility in her superior's voice, Harriet has no idea who Mr. Newcomen was referring to when he asked her “Who Killed the Preacher”. He expects her to solve the vicious 1967 strangling murder of “The Boy Preacher...

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