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Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
Beat reporter Raoul Duke (Hunter S. Thompson) embarks on a drug-fueled romp through Las Vegas and the surrounding areas with the help of his sidekick attorney, Dr. Gonzo, to report on the Mint 400 motorcycle race. A gritty beat reporter going by the pseudonym Raoul Duke drives to Las Vegas, Nevada, with his attorney Dr. Gonzo. The two men have apparently accepted an assignment to report on the Mint 400, a motorcycle race taking place in a dusty ring just...
The Rum Diary
The young journalist Jack Kemp leaves New York to work at a reputable paper in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where he becomes embroiled in a boozy love affair. In the summer of 1959, 22-year-old journalist Jack Kemp leaves his home town of New York to work for The Daily News in San Juan, Puerto Rico. While intoxicated on Rum, Kemp spots a beautiful girl on the plane ride to Puerto Rico. He tries to sit next to her, but is blocked by an older gentleman who takes...