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Cameron Colley is a writer for an Edinburgh newspaper. He smokes and drinks and takes illegal substances. He is also engrossed in a computer game called Despot. He starts to get tip offs about a serious of murders from several years ago with military connections and thinks he may be onto a scoop. At the same time someone is going around murdering or torturing businessmen with dubious ethical records, a judge and a snuff movie watcher. The police li...
The Business
The Business is a secretive private multinational organisation that predates Christianity. The Business wants to buy its own State so that it can have a seat on the United Nations. Kate Telman the protagonist of the book is a Level 3 executive in The Business who is on a years sabbactical. Whilst visiting a computer chip making plant in Scotland belonging to the Business she becomes suspicious of a secure room she is steered away from. Then she gets ...