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A Study In Death
St. Martin's, Dec 2001, 21.95, 192 pp. ISBN: 0312278683 In spite of properly casing the joint and doing everything in accordance with the break and enter handbook, George “Geordie” McCulloch selects the wrong apartment to burglarize. He enters the abode of Professor Roger Harvey only to find the occupant's corpse lying in bed. Doing the right thing, Geordie calls the police though being a Good Samaritan probably means the two-time loser wil...
Making a Killing
St. Martin's, Sep 2002, 23.95, 276 pp. ISBN: 0312278489 Just back from his vacation, Crowley DCI Frank Jacobsen uses every excuse to avoid the paperwork that has piled up while he was away. So though he loathes that the Crowley Crawler has been paroled and returning to the town where he raped numerous women, Frank uses Robert Johnson as a legitimate pretext to escape his office work. Led by Frank, the police place Robert under surveillance not ...