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A Shadow On the Glass
Irvine gives us a world with competing races:Charon,Faellem, and Aachim.This epic tale is seen through the eyes of two memorable characters: Llian, chronicler who seeks to solve 3000 year old murder and Karan, a sensitive who comes to regret fulfilling a promise to make a dangerous mission for a friend.Karan is in possession a powerful mirror that gives the ability to see places at a distance and twist reality. Soon she and Llian will be hunted by ruthl...
The Tower on the Rift
Aspect, Jan 2003, 7.50, 657 pp. ISBN: 0446609854 Tensor of the Aachim blames the other three human species for the woes suffered by his people actually caused by his leadership. His desire is destruction at a level never seen in known history. His scheme gels when Yggur the Sorcerer destroys Thurkad, forcing the Great Conclave attendees to flee for their safety. Tensor abducts Lilan the Chronicler and steals the magical Mirror of Aachan that ...