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Don't You Want Me
Stella De La Croix is a 38 year old, half English/half French single mother raising a precocious toddler named Honey. After a short-lived relationship with her ex, artist Dominic, Stella is now looking for a little romance and sex in her life. It has been over a year since sh'es had sex and she is wondering if it will ever happen again. Frank Keane, a talented artist who shares Stella's house with her, is engaged in a love/hate relationship with Stell...
My Life on a Plate
Clara Hutt is 33 and unhappy. Despite her large London home, her husband Robert, two boys and a successful part time career as a freelance writer, Clara is dissatisfied. Told from Clara's point of view, she tells of her midlife crisis about her marriage. She had hopes that a family life would be better than her own upbringing by a mother who collects ex-husbands, her distant father and her spoiled stepsisters. But she discovers that married life ...