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The Feast of Roses
The love story of Mehrunnisa and Jahangir from "The Twentieth Wife" continues in this novel. Mehrunnisa, or Empress Nur Jahan, becomes Jahangir's twentieth and last wife at the age 34, after a lifetime of longing for him. She is the first woman he married for love and as a result he gradually gives her roles and responsibilities usually strictly reserved for males. Being a woman in the Mughal Empire with such power creates enemies for her. Her enemie...
The Twentieth Wife (Literature)
Well educated, once prosperous Ghias Beg finds himself fleeing from his native Persia to escape his creditors and the hostile new regime in the country he so loved. As things seem they could get no worse, another child is born into his family. With no way to feed the newborn, Ghias reluctantly places her on the roadside hoping someone will take her in. Fortunately tiny Mehrunnisa is discovered by Masud, a kind merchant, and taken to his home. So...
The Twentieth Wife (Romance)
Pocket, Feb 2002, 24.00, 320 pp. ISBN: 0743427149 Though too young and way beneath his station, Mehrunnisa, the daughter of a Persian courtier to the Mughal Empire, plans to one day wed the heir apparent to the throne Salim. The very intelligent eight-year-old Mehrunnisa knows she needs a plan if she is to achieve her impossible dream of marrying her beloved whom barely knows she exists. A few years later Mehrunnisa is forced to marry...