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A Kiss Before Dying
This is a book of murder and betrayal. It is so well written that you cannot put it down. It is about a man who will do anything for money. ANYTHING. If you read the first pages you will not be able to put it down. ...
The Stepford Wives
Walter Eberhart decides to move his family to Steford, a small town, to escape the violence of New York City; his wife, Joanna, is not happy with the decision to move. Stepford seems like an ideal place to live, but the women in Stepford are extremely subsurvient to their families.There's a good reason why, as Joanna and her new friend Bobbi find out, and their lives are in danger from those who love them the most-their husbands....
This Perfect Day
In this 1970's book, the author explores a society in the near future which totally controls and represses all members. Difference between members is negated to the point that all members of the society are considered alike - actually genetic manipulation has taken place to make everyone of equal height, skin color, etc. Even worse is the mind control which extends to every portion of life - and is augmented by chemical infusions. There are only four n...