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Calamity Claresta
Marriage of convenience for inheritance story....
Connor's Back
Detective Marleen Avoni wants no part of another DEA liaison assignment with the Feds. She wants and needs her planned vacation at Sanibel Island, Florida and nothing is going to stop her. Her boss, Captain Frank Marks eventually agrees and she begins her much needed vacation. She soon arrives on the Island after attending a wedding reception only to find that her former lover, Connor Brenningan and his daughter, Joani are also there. Joani has manip...
Send Me No Roses
Though she hasn't seen him in years, Joani Brenningan trusts the family friend for whom she once had a teenage crush. However, when DEA agent David Devereau offers to help clear her of murdering her estranged husband, he has a hidden agenda. ...
Silence Knight
Claire Barlow is kidnapped by her new neighbor, a man curently under a witness protection program. Once she proves to Ryce Knight she's not one of the people out to prevent him from testifying against a crooked Miami politician, it's too late. She's suddenly caught up in the deadly run for her life along with the handsome contractor. Read excerpt at