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Guardian of the Balance
This is a brilliant novel about key figures surrounding King Arthur. Radford brings to life places and people that had long since faded into legend and history. Merlin and Merlin's daughter, Wren, fight to maintain the balance in England while Arthur fights to maintain his power in England....
Guardian of the Freedom
Daw, April 2005, 24.95, 544 pp. ISBN 075640178X Since the time of Merlin, the Pendragons have been charged with keeping Britain safe from her enemies. Drake Pendragon is the present head of the family and the society of magical practitioners; however King George III, unfamiliar with the British heritage, does not believe in the power of the Pendragon. Drake's sister Georgina, unwilling to stay a helpless female, runs away and hires herself as a...
Guardian of the Promise
Daw, April 2003, 24.95, 544 pp. ISBN 0756400783 Griffin Kirkwood was supposed to be this generation's Pendragon but he turned his back on his magical heritage. His twin brother Donovan was too weak to pick up the mantle so the Pendragon skips a generation. Griffin's daughter Deidre and Donovan's son Hal journey to France with familiars to prevent the massacres that are imminent. While working the spell, Hal is captured by El Lobison and turned...
The Dragon Circle
Daw, August 2004, 6.99, 512 pp. ISBN 0756401941 The Galactic Terran Empire considers the O'Hara brothers (Konner, Kim and Loki) to be smugglers. The imperial military police (IMPS) were in hot pursuit of them when the siblings entered into an uncharted and unusual wormhole that took the trio to an unfamiliar part of space. There they found a colonized world that devolved into the Bronze Age. Because of their visitors' advanced technology, the n...

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The Hidden Dragon - Stargods 1
Daw, Feb 2002, 6.99, 384 pp. ISBN 0756400511 When the O'Hara clan resisted the Galactic Terran Empire planetary governor's takeover, he declared them outlaws and claimed the family shipping business. When the O'Hara home exploded, the oldest sister Katie disappeared. The family matriarch became determined that the family would regain their citizenship rights so that they could have access to the databases and thus find out what happened to ...

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