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The Green Knight
One year before the action of the novel takes place, Lucas Gaffe tried to kill his brother, Clement. He would have suceeded if not for the intervention of a mysterious stranger. After the failed murder, Lucas dissappeared and Clement never told anyone what had occured between them. Time passes and eventually Lucas return, with murder no longer on his mind. But the stranger who saved Clement's life is also aware of Lucas' return and uses it as an opportun...
The Sea, The Sea
Charles Arrowby, a longtime English stage actor and director, has retired to an isolated home near the village of Narrowdean, on the north coast of England. Charles begins writing in a journal about his past. Various ex-lovers and hangers-on from that past show up and complicate his retirement, and then he discovers his first love, Mary Hartley Smith (now Mrs. Ben Fitch), also lives in Narrowdean. The two were a couple at the tender age of 12, and throug...

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