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After an emotionally and physically exhausting case of a child sex murder back home in Edinburgh, Detective Inspector Ray Lennox has taken leave and is flying to Miami. Joining him is his fiancée Trudi, an old flame recently rekindled, and the two hope to move on from past troubles and work out their future together. Lennox must come to terms with memories that weren't left behind in Edinburgh, whilst Trudi obsesses over the wedding he has little interes...
Corrupt policeman Bruce Robertson is in line for promotion and plays off all his friends and colleagues against each other to help achive his aim. Unfortunately, his past catches up with him. The murder he is supposed to be solving leads to his downfall....
A decade after Trainspotting, Simon David Williamson (AKA Sick Boy) has to make another move. Reaching his mid-thirties, and with child support, failed scams and dealings grinding him down, he decides to try for one more throw of the dice back in his home town of Edinburgh, to direct the next great porn film. Helping him along the way is Nikki, a bulimic and highly cynical mid-twenties student, desperate for validation by the mass media, and 'Juice' ...
Renton and his friend are in their late 20's, are seriously addicted to heroin, and basically do nothing with their lives. They (most of them, anyway) live off the state. Sometimes try to leave drugs, only to fail at it. The narrator varies from one character to another (generaly in first person), but it mantains a focus on Renton. The other characters are mainly Sick Boy, who is a womanizer, clever, talkative, with a law sense of morality. Spud, a ...

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