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The Second Lady
The Lady of the title is a virtual clone of the American President's wife - living unfortunately in Russia. The Lady is stumbled upon by the Soviets' spymaster who hits upon a daring idea: swap the two - if temporarily - to give them access to the President's innermost secrets. Specifically, they need to determine whether the Americans have really beefed up the military position of an embattled and US-Backed African nation. As the Russian spy gains acces...
The Seven Minutes
Michael Barret has been asked by a friend to join him in a small law partnership, but has also been offered a huge salary to go into big business. He's certain of his choice, till he is given a chance to be involved with a major case involved with protecting free speech. The case is about the explicit book "The Seven Minutes", which some people consider pornography, while others, Barret included, feel is impressive literature. The main focus of the p...