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Kinki Lullaby
Dark Alley, Oct 2004, 13.95, 358 pp. ISBN: 0060516240 Reporter Billy Chaka is in Osaka to accept an award from the Kinki Foundation for a story he wrote on Tetsuo Oyamada, who became a master puppeteer in the Bunraku Theater at fourteen years old. A bit surprised since the article was written almost a decade ago, Billy rationalizes why he should attend. He figures a free trip across the ocean is worth his time, but more important his magazine Y...
Tokyo Suckerpunch
This is the first of the Billy Chaka series of novels. Billy is the ace reporter of "Youth in Asia", Cleveland's hottest-selling Asian teen magazine. Billy has come to Tokyo to cover the 19 and Under Handicapped Martial Arts Championship, and to meet his friend and B-Movie director, Sato Migusho. When Sato is found murdered, Billy takes it upon himself to find the killer. This starts a whirlwind of events, as Billy finds himself brawling with Yakuz...