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J'Adore New York
A fashionable Parisian lawyer has requested an international transfer to the Manhattan office of her law firm. Catherine Lambert is a fashionable Parisian lawyer who is striving for new challenges. Dreaming of making partner and having her own corner office, she believes she will be able to achieve this goal by requesting a transfer to the the Manhattan office of her law firm. Upon her arrival to New York, however, she soon realizes that working as a law...
J'Adore Paris
This book is the sequel to the first book by Isabelle Lafleche, namely "J'Adore New York". Catherine Lambert, a fashionable Parisian lawyer is following her passion for fashion back to France where she has been offered the opportunity to work for Christian Dior as Intellectual Property Director. Catherine Lambert, a fashionable Parisian lawyer, is back in France - her homeland. Having worked at the New York office of her law firm and having turned down a...