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A Catered Christmas
Libby is going to be on a televised cooking show and she is terrified. She doesn't even want to be on it. Libby just wants to be at her small shop cooking for customers, but Bree Nottingham, a big wheel in town from whom she and her sister Bernie get a lot of their catering business, coerced her into doing it. What makes it worse is that Libby is afraid of the hostess Hortense Calabash, whose cruel comments have ruined the cooking careers of some of h...
A Catered Murder
Kensington, Dec 2002, 22.00, 320 pp. ISBN 157566710x After discovering lover in bed with her friend and co-worker, Bernadette Simmons walks out of their house wearing only the clothes on her back and carrying her pocketbook. She returns to her hometown Longley where her father and sister still live in order to do some emotional healing. She helps her sister Libby cater the seventeenth Annual Clarington High school reunion with former alumni and...
A Catered Wedding
Kensington, Dec2004, 22.00, 288 pp. ISBN: 0758206852 Lisa Sharpe is marrying a very rich man, who happens to be more than two decades her senior. She is not marrying for love; she is marrying for money as the nine carets on her hand, the twenty-five K wedding dress, and a billion other items make up for the lack of passion. When she gets a call to meet someone at the wedding tent, an irritated Lisa enters the reception tent, but is killed insta...