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The Earth has been rendered almost lifeless by chemical warfare. Pockets of humanity survive, using their technological skills to maintain life, but one such pocket realizes their viable future is limited. So they send a ship fillled with carefully chosen people to a distant star, believed to have a planetary system. There is a planet where they hoped to find one, but it is inhabited. The humanoid inhabitants have been visiting Earth for millenia but ...
Blackwell's Dilemma
The USA has always offered opportunity to repressed peoples of other lands. But it wasn't about to extend that to these creatures! Around the world small groups of people scan space for signs of extra-terrestrial intelligence, but what are they supposed to do when they find it? And if it comes from only just beyond the orbit of Pluto and the senders are heading this way what should they do? Tell the President, that's what, even though it's a new Presi...
Custodian takes as its underlying theme the growth in corporate power compared to that of governments. Steve Abrahams, an investigative journalist, is pushed by his boss towards a huge but seemingly benign corporation which, he's told, might not be as squeaky clean is it claims. Steve discovers that the corporation has been importing aliens from a distant planet and using them as slave labor and that discovery is sensationally broadcast on TV. He is, tho...