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Dominaria is under invasion from an artificial world. The enemy (Phyrexians) were from Dominaria, but were kicked out millions of years ago. The Phyrexians are back and its all out war. Who will control Dominaria?...
Lancelot Du Lethe
Tor, Dec 2001, 25.95, 461 pp. ISBN: 076301180 When Merlin first sees the newborn Lancelot he knows that the infant will one day destroy all that King Arthur accomplished at Mount Badon and Camelot. The lad's father King Ban asks Merlin to bless his heir, but the mage wonders if the world would be a better place if he killed Lancelot right then and there. Reluctantly, Merlin blesses the baby stating he will one day be the best knight. ...
Le Morte D'Avalon
Tor, Sept 2003, 25.95, 464 pp. ISBN 0765305941 Her age of innocence lasted until she was eight years old. It was then her mother caught King Uther's eye and her father, Duke Gorlois went to war with him. In a vision Morgan sees his death but she finds her father in her mother's bed the next day. Only she can see that it isn't her father at all but Uther, wearing a magical illusion to fool the duchess. A child is born of that woman and Morgan'...